Postcards from Hell: 2. Murree Beer


Murree beer may remind me of sixth form home brew experiments – and I gather their whisky is not what it used to be – but if there’s one thing I know about failed states it’s that they tend not to brew their own beer or distill their own spirits. In failed states, the committed imbiber has to buy Ethiopian gin. And drink it on a hotel rooftop mixed with luke warm Fanta.  The story of the Gin Fanta can wait for another day. For now, rest assured that this ice cold Murree is being drunk in a comfortable hotel bar (albeit sort of secret) while watching Pakistan play Australia in the T20 cricket. Not at all how you’d imagine a failed state to be.

4 thoughts on “Postcards from Hell: 2. Murree Beer

  1. Liberia being the exception perhaps… even during the 2006 civil war there was plentiful locally-produced “Club” beer, and it was pretty good too.

    Club beer

    1. Fair point and duly noted. To be honest this is a fairly confused project. Some posts, I suspect, will just be stuff I like in Pakistan. Other posts (such as street addresses) will simply be proof that it’s not a failed state.

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