31 Favourite Things About Pakistan: Postcards from Hell

Last week Foreign Policy magazine published its Failed States Index. The usual suspects took the top few places but placing Pakistan as the world’s tenth most failed state seemed a little, well, unfair. And so my Pakistani friends thought when we discussed the matter over dinner on Monday night. The misrepresentation of their country in the foreign media is a constant source of anguish, they said. It’s one thing to report the insurgency along the border – another to suggest the whole of the country is a lawless warzone peopled by bearded men intent on blowing up Big Ben.

So here, in my own small way, I will be trying to redress the balance with my 31 Favourite Things About Pakistan aka Postcards from Hell. (Hat tip to Ourman for inspiration but I can’t find original link. And if it peters out at about 12 that is no reflection on the country, more my inability to complete these projects.)

No 1. Kebabs

So far my two favourite Islamabad restaurants are kebab houses. OK, one of them is Afghan but hey  it’s in Pakistan – and that’s good enough for me. These are proper kebabs cooked over piles of charcoal, served blackened and juicy. Meat on a stick served with bread. What more could you want?

3 thoughts on “31 Favourite Things About Pakistan: Postcards from Hell

  1. Funny you should mention me AND write about kebabs…because that’s exactly what I had for lunch today.

    Or maybe given how often I have a kebab for lunch it’s not such a coincidence after all.

    Vietnamese Kebabs are a good lesson in how you can trick yourself with food. So yes it’s a kebab and it comes on a revolving skewer where the outer layer is periodically hacked off.

    However, the meat is pork not lamb. The bread is a rustic Vietnamese baguette not pita bread.

    So in the end, while you are very excited to be eating a kebab, what you are actually eating is a hot pork sandwich. Nothing wrong with that but it does seem a lot less exciting than a kebab.

    So I continue to consider it a kebab because life is more fun that way.

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