Stanley McChrystal Links

Here’s what I’ve been reading:

I thought General McChrystal was ‘unfireable’, says Rolling Stone writer – “I think he had been protected by other profile writers in the past, who wanted access,” Hastings said. “I am not an access journalist. That’s not my style.”

Hara-kiri through interview? – “The entire episode reminds one just how important for the democratic process civilian control of the military is. In developed democracies such as the US, this is a long and well established rule. We in Pakistan could learn some lessons from this episode.”

The amazing media story behind the astonishing McChrystal interview – “It is one of the best pieces of reportage I’ve ever read. In these digital days, how could Rolling Stone ever imagine it could keep such an agenda-setting story to print alone?”

McChrystal and the dangers of speaking platitudes – “The general clearly went too far. But a broader problem with incidents like these is that they encourage people in power to bite their tongues.”

General McChrystal’s Twitters – Great news — we’ve got a bus to take us to Berlin. Nothing but Team America and a luggage rack crammed with Bud Light Lime.

Steve Bell on Barack Obama and Stanley McChrystal – “I’m sorry let me rephrase: What’s your problem big ears sir??”

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