Going Local

Going local

The plan was quite simple. We were making a trip to a village in rural Punjab. The sort of place where it was not inconceivable that we could be close to supporters of Jihadi groups. The driver, fixer and I agreed we would dress in traditional shalwar kameez to avoid drawing attention to ourselves (even though I would pass as a local only from a distance of say a mile). So imagine my disappointment when I walked out of my hotel in billowing clothes to find that aforementioned driver and fixer had dressed in jeans and short-sleeved shirts. Theirs were in the wash apparently Spent rest of day feeling like a plonker.

Picture above shows me, Rizwan and PK- along with a local stringer who knows how to dress properly.

2 thoughts on “Going Local

  1. Heh. I love the “just out of the packet” creased look. Or is that “freshly ironed”?

    But seriously, well done, you plonker! Good to see some cultural sensitivity. The beard is taking its time, though.

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