Mr World Service

I don’t know why Bob Geldof got his knickers in a twist over the BBC’s report on aid to Ethiopia. Surely anyone who knows anything about Africa knows that in dealing with emergencies, aid agencies will have to deal with unsavoury characters. Today it is the UN’s World Food Programme that’s in the firing line. … More Mr World Service

Search Terms

Here are the search terms that brought people to my blog today. Maybe I should blog more often about food to increase my hits… sudan food sudanese food rob crilly jordan food bucket of rubber sap joseph kony dreadlocks اكلات سودانية women riding on donkeys teddy bears and islam african smell

Crilly’s Laws

As I prepare to head for yet newer shores, it strikes me (not for the first time) that with one or two basic principles the journalist can turn his hand to writing about any fragile/failed state in the world. Having developed the following laws during the past five years (mostly in Sudan and Somalia), I’ll … More Crilly’s Laws