Bits and bobs

Here’s some stuff on Sudan and Darfur that I’ve been reading recently…

In DarfurWinter Miller travelled to Chad with Nick Kristof and used the trip as the basis for a play. Anyone going to see it? I’d love to. Have an African play idea myself that is destined to remain forever just an idea

Terror train turns the corner at last – I’m becoming obsessed with stories about trains. Expect to see me filing plenty from Pakistan. And nice to see good news in Sudan (although it might be an election gimmick)

Hollywood Politics – a response to a review of my book, in which I am described as a “so-called intellectual”. Chuffed to bits

Feared Uganda rebel chief not in Darfur: Sudan army – it is fair to say that everyone who has weighed in on the Where’s Kony Question has an, erm, difficult relationship with the truth. I don’t know what I believe any more

Sudan electionnaire – handy guide to which party best represents you in the Sudanese elections. I come out as split between Umma Reform and Renewal, the SPLM and one other that I’ve forgotten (hat tip to Texas in Africa)

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