Little Patience for Abdulwahid

Darfur’s rebel leaders have long been indulged by Darfur activists – and indeed journalists.  A stumbling block to peace, their cause has been taken up repeatedly by campaigners whose interests appear not to be peace, more a victory for the rebels. A couple of weeks ago I was invited on a radio programme to discuss Darfur. Excited producers called me to say they had an exclusive: An interview with Abdulwahid al Nur, leader of a faction of the Sudan Liberation Army.

When I arrived in the studio they were less excited. He had ranted and rambled in a less than coherent fashion. He demanded this and that, and seemed to have no real interest in peace talks or any real strategy for helping Darfur.

This now from Scott Gration, US special envoy….

“He [Al-Nur] isolated himself and believe that he either does not want anything or does not know what he wants and we gave him a historical opportunity and extended many invitations to him but he has had his chance” Gration told reporters in a press conference at the US Ambassador’s residence in the Qatari capital.

There have been rumours that US money has been channelled to rivals of Abdulwahid in an effort to build up commanders who are more amenable to peace talks. Anyone know if this is true?

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