Launch Day

Today is launch day. The BBC World Service has me on its website and I gave my first talk about Saving Darfur yesterday to journalism students at City University. That went well, I think. They had some good questions and laughed at the slide of me on a donkey. Last week they had been told that the art of being a foreign correspondent was dying. I told them there were still plenty of opportunities out there. This evening it’s off to Soas for a chat with the BBC’s Adam Mynott, a good friend from our shared Nairobi days.

I have mixed feelings. It won’t be long before I embark on yet another new post. The launch of Saving Darfur means my connection with Sudan – its wonderful people and rich history – is drawing to a close. The next few days will be fun, as I get to talk about my book. But there’ll be a tinge of sadness too.

For now though the biggest dilemma is what am I going to wear? The uniform of a foreign corr is generally jeans and a shirt. But sling on a jacket and you could end looking like Jeremy Clarkson. Not good. Hmmm

6 thoughts on “Launch Day

  1. We all end up dressing like Clarkson. Fact. I’m sitting in Addis right now: jeans, shirt, jacket.

    All the best with being famous, mate.

  2. When I was recently in New York for a series of meetings with editors, I realized it might not fly to walk in carrying a backpack and wearing flip flops. Heels and purse were quickly borrowed from friends as I still have no reason to own either.

    Rob, hope things are going well. Sned me an email sometime soon – would love to post more about the book on my blog.

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