An Easy Mistake to Make

This arrives in my inbox, originating from the office of the outgoing UN Special Representative of the Secretary General to Sudan, Ashraf Jehangir… With brains like this at work, you can only wonder why Sudan remains in trouble…

Esteemed Colleagues,

Kindly note the following correction to the transcript of the above sent yesterday afternoon:

The last paragraph in SRSG Qazi’s response to the AFP question should read as follows:

“The most important thing is that the parties remain engaged with each other; that the spirit of Yambio prevails; that they make the necessary compromises to ensure that whatever the final outcome is, it would be compatible with peace. The greatest threat is that if these things don’t happen then of course peace could be put in jeopardy. But I think the people of Sudan have seen the horrors of war previously and I believe that the leadership, both in the north and in the south, are determined to avoid any such scenarios in the future and that is the greatest promise … the greatest reassurance.”

Our transcript sent yesterday erroneously had the word “peace” in place of the correction above in bold.

Our most sincere apologies for the error and regrets for any inconveniences caused.

With the assurances of our highest considerations,

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