A Crucial Year for Sudan

The dropoff in interest in Sudan and its wars couldn’t come at a worse time. In a few months time Sudanese voters will take part in nationwide elections. Then, at the start of 2011, Southern Sudan will vote on independence – the culmination of the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement. The next 12 months then have the ability to make or break Africa’s largest nation, nudging Khartoum towards democracy or tipping the country into an abyss of rigged elections, repression and fresh wars that could suck in the rest of the continent.

The omens are far from good.

So now is not the time to let Sudan slip off the agenda.

2 thoughts on “A Crucial Year for Sudan

  1. Perhaps the growing fear of anticipated war and the awareness among the parties of the cost of resumption of war may militate against such a posibility.

  2. Let’s hope so. I’m starting to feel more optimistic. We have been here before after all and, despite five years of fraught implementation of the CPA, the conflict has failed to reignite.

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