My African Advent Calendar: Day 21, A BOAT

The Lynn Rival (pic supplied by EU)

It has been another good year for the pirates – less so for the 272 sailors (as of last week) still held in or just off Somalia, including the Chandlers from Tunbridge Wells (whose boat is pictured above). With few ideas on how to tackle the menace, 2010 will hold more of the same. The only way out is to build peace and stability on land. Until then, detaining pirate skiffs at sea will simply be a case of picking off mosquitoes without draining the swamp.

2 thoughts on “My African Advent Calendar: Day 21, A BOAT

  1. I feel very sorry for this couple, They are a BRITISH couple who their goverment should be helping but nothing seems to be happening, It is so frustrating to keep reading news clips about them, It makes me feel sick in the stomach to know, that couple are out there all alone with no one helping. I say look after your own people first Great Britain!!!!if anyone knows how I can help please email me

  2. Hear, hear. They’d be home by now if the ransom had been paid. And we all know a ransom will eventually be paid even if the British government maintains a pretence that it hasn’t.

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