My African Advent Calendar: Day 16, A BUCKET

Amos, one of Firestone's rubber tappers in Liberia

Each bucket weighs almost 75lb when full with sticky, white latex sap. But Amos Mulbh was still able to manoeuvre nimbly over fallen trees in Firestone’s Harbel plantation. After all, he had learned how to balance the thin wooden beam across his thin shoulders when he was just 12. I met Amos a in 2006 few months before yet another damning report was published on Firestone’s Liberian plantations. (My story never saw the light of day. Can’t think why…)

3 thoughts on “My African Advent Calendar: Day 16, A BUCKET

  1. hi rob, can we use your picture of amos in our children’s book on the true cost of toys? We talk about the impact the readers purchases have on others around the world and the environmental cost of their purchases? We have a case study on the rubber plantations in liberia so would be greta to show a picture of Amos if possible. We will of course be able to credit you for the use of the image. I hope you can help,
    Many thanks,
    Rachel Blount rachel@calciumcreative,

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