Keep Up The Good Work JP

If this is your picture, let me know

This arrives in my email inbox, from John Prendergast, presumably by mistake…

Dear Friends,

Help Enough Stop Crimes Against Humanity

Sometimes it’s hard to be optimistic when you’re working against genocide, rape as a weapon of war, and child soldier recruitment. But what we’re doing at the Enough Project is helping to build a constituency of activists calling for an end to crimes against humanity.

Quite, what with the way the Save Darfur Coalition and its friends have managed to screw up the global response to the conflicts in Darfur it is indeed difficult to be optimistic. Not that Prenders lets that get in the way of taking credit for.. well, anything…

Because of our collective work, we have already achieved several positive outcomes.

Hundreds of thousands of people are alive today in Darfur that who otherwise would not be had the anti-genocide movement not held a spotlight on the atrocities committed by the Sudanese regime.

I stopped reading at this point. Anyway, keep up the good work. I know Darfuris love you JP. Not that they said that, but I think we can assume it….

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