It’s Been Fun

Well, as I mentioned a couple of weeks ago I’m blogging for The Frontline Club now. I had wanted to try to keep South of West going, largely because I liked the name and it was my first blog. But it’s time to face up to reality and put it into hibernation. So for anyone who feels the need to keep up with my desperately inaccurate predictions about what is happening in Kenya, it is time to please change your bookmarks.

9 thoughts on “It’s Been Fun

  1. Sorry, does this mean you’re not going to be writing this blog anymore? I just found it recently, and enjoyed it so much!

    Madame Monet in Morocco
    Writing, Painting, Music, and Wine

  2. o.k. i will miss this space, but hope you get to free use ‘your voice’ on frontline. Are there strings attached there or are you free to blog like you did here?

    bookmark changed.

  3. Rest assured the content will be exactly the same. It feels a little different to be on someone else’s site but there are no strings and I’m free to write exactly what I want. I’m hoping that by moving I will be able to generate some more traffic. There are some down sides. I can’t take my blogroll with me and editing is not as straightforward as it is on wordpress, but I think it’s a good move and I hope you’ll all like it.

  4. Actually, now that I found your link at the Frontline Club, I have to say that what you are writing there looks even more interesting than here! So I’m no longer upset, and have signed up for the new feed.

    See you there.
    Madame Monet in Marrakesh, Morocco
    Writing, Painting, Music, and Wine

  5. I wondered where you wondered off to. I’m glad you’re maintaining your refreshing honest edge elsewhere.

  6. Too bad, mate. I really liked the name, the design (the map and all), and the format of WordPress… Well, what can a poor addicted reader do, except follow the whims of the writer-producer? I’ll follow you then…

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