Oh The Irony

It would be funny if it hadn’t crippled my entire life. Every time I turn on my computer I get a little jingle and the following message:


It seems my computer is infected with the Kibaki Tosha Tena worm. (My Swahili is pretty poor, but I think it means something along the lines of “Kibaki is enough again”).

8 thoughts on “Oh The Irony

  1. Your Swahili translation is adequate. Though in the Swahili (or Kingwana) of the eastern DRC, this slogan would obtain the following translation: “Kibaki Get It Out Again.” I just googled this slogan and it turns out it is a serious worm threat with downloadable anti-worm sofwares out there!… If an African presidential candidate could be so callous as to come up with such a ploy to destroy computers on a continent where people can hardly afford them, then there is something rotten about him!…

  2. Nzibi monga Nzibi, Raila has one too – funny, my comp is infected with the Kibaki worm while my workmate comp has been infected with Raila’s!

    For now all we care about is HOW DO WE REMOVE THESE WORMS? (The viruses i mean)

  3. The computer experts tell me they can get rid of the Kibaki virus, but it will take five years. Or I could go to court, but there’s no guarantee they will be able to hear my case within that time.

  4. hey?? I hafd the same problem. I used kaspersky to get rid of it. It chuked it and rebooted the computer.
    Oncew that is done, you need to remove some entries in the registry (cant quite rem them) Al check with a buddy of mine and get back to you

  5. ooh!! the nasty exe that kaspersky removes is called camp.exe as well as csrss.exe If you boot up your computer witha linux live cd and mount the drive C. you will see it.
    Once teh computer boots up you will get a msg like “c:\win\pathtocsrss.exe” not found. what you do next is open the REGEDIT. (go to run and type in regedit) use the above path to locate where the entry in the registry is.. and delete it!!!! You should be good to go now

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