Laugh or Cry?

So Kenya stands on the brink of catastrophe. Ethnic tensions have been laid bare in a month of post-election violence. Kalenjin and Kikuyu gangs are intent on taking lumps out of each other. Slums have been razed and hundreds of thousands of people sent fleeing.

“Violence continues, threatening to escalate to catastrophic levels,” is how Ban ki-Moon, UN secretary-general, summed it up today at the African Union summit in Addis Ababa.

And then an opposition MP is shot dead for knocking off a policeman’s missus.

One thought on “Laugh or Cry?

  1. We would have seen everything these days in Kenya. This MP had the time to cavort while the country was burning? Shame on him! And shame on ODM for suspending talks over this crime of passion!… Meanwhile, I saw footages of Kibaki arriving in Addis—with his silly big smile… Will this man be greeted by other African leaders as their legitimate counterpart? Shame on the AU too…

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