Nottingham Forest in Kenya II

Derek Okong 

The second sighting of the Garibaldi Red during Kibera’s troubles came down at the railway as Luos and Luyhas gathered to take on a gang of Kikuyus. It looks to me like the shirt from the early 90s, shortly before relegation.

Derek told me he was an Arsenal supporter and wondered whether there was any chance I could procure a Gunners strip for him.

I was just about to start explaining how Arsenal play in red to this day because Forest generously donated their spare kit to the Woolwich Arsenal once upon a time. But the GSU were preparing to charge so it seemed prudent to let the matter lie and vacate the area.

4 thoughts on “Nottingham Forest in Kenya II

  1. Wow! You just gave me an invaluable piece of trivia of British football history… Second-hand clothing from the west is big business in Africa and you run into oddities like the one you describe. In the DRC, language barrier at times obtains burlesque situations with these clothing items. I once saw in Kinshasa a preacher’s wife wearing a second-hand t-shirt from the U.S. with this logo: “I make good boys bad!”

  2. I think this Forest malarky could be the premise for an occasionally humourous but mostly pointless (and faintly annoying) paperback stockingfilla (AKA the literary equivalent of a straight to DVD film).

    Tony Hawks based the easily putdownable “Round Ireland with a Fridge” (and some would argue his entire life) on such a premise.

  3. You are absolutely right. I’m also hoping that Junior Agogo’s exploits with Ghana will produce a whole new generation of Forest fans. Although, I suspect that’s wishful thinking.

    I’ll let you know if I spot any Argyle shirts

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