A Rant

Kibaki and Raila Shake HandsI never understand footballers. Rugby was my game. After kicking seven bells out of each other we would give the opposition three cheers at the end, shake hands and then go to the bar and drink until we couldn’t stand up. Footballers seem to touch fingers while looking anywhere but at each other, and get away as quickly as possible.

But even I felt sickened watching Mwai Kibaki and Raila Odinga shaking hands and smiling after their meeting on Thursday. This wasn’t a game of rugby when differences can be left on the pitch. I’ve just come back from Nakuru where their followers are marching up and down the streets armed with big rods of steel, planks studded with nails and homemade flame throwers. Kibaki and Raila have unleashed a tidal wave of hate, and had the audacity to look pleased with themselves because they managed to sit in a plush armchair with each other for an hour.

Odegle Nyang reckons there are some other people looking pleased with themselves.

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