Disgusted of Hurlingham

_44374429_brokebackpa_203.jpgThe death of Heath Ledger, and Meskel Square’s marathon debate about homosexuality in Africa, remind me of the time a friend went to hire the DVD of Brokeback Mountain, I think from a store in Hurlingham here in Nairobi.

Shop Assistant: Are you sure that’s what you want?

Friend: Yes

Shop Assistant: Do you know what it’s about?

Friend: Yes

Shop Assistant: And you still want it?

Friend: Yes

Shop Assistant: That’ll be 200 shillings please (MUTTERED) Disgusting

2 thoughts on “Disgusted of Hurlingham

  1. Brokeback mountain is such a great movie! And Ang Lee is one of the most talented, sensitive, innovative directors out there. It’s sad that fear of the unknown will limit people from enjoying one of the greatest love stories put on film… just my 2 cents! Why stock a movie in your video library if you find it so offensive and disgusting? I’m confused….

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