My Week in Media

Andrew Heavens at Meskel Square has tagged me in the growing my week/month in media meme (btw I’m not entirely sure I understand the difference between a meme and an idea. And that’s only one of my problems with Richard Dawkins. But anyway.) Here it is:

What I’ve read

My normal day starts with a double house coffee (cold milk on the side) at Java House with The Daily Nation and The Standard Kenya’s two top dailies. For months I’ve been moaning that they’ve been too heavy on the politics and that the election was going to be a dull affair. One of many poor predictions I made on that front. This week’s headlines have included “Police shoot dead more protesters in day two of demos” and “Where did the rain start beating us?” on the comment pages.

I’ve been a subscriber to the New Statesman for years. Michaela Wrong is usually excellent on Africa, but I find myself reading the Arts section first these days. Time and Newsweek predictably round things out for world affairs.

What I’ve watched

Sky News is rapidly becoming an addiction, given that it’s one of the few ways that I can keep up to date with what’s happening back home. But there can be no excuse for my fascination with BBC Food (one of a number of slightly odd satellite channels available in Africa) featuring as it does five-year-old reruns of River Cottage etc. DVD box sets are the other way of keeping sane. Season 2 of The Sopranos and I, Claudius (both of which feature scheming matriarchs by the name of Livia. Coincidence? I think not) both came back in my luggage from the UK.

What I’ve listened to

Precious little apart from the BBC World Service. My pal Adam Mynott has been broadcasting at what seems like five-minute intervals from the slums of Kibera on Kenya’s post-election violence. Meanwhile, Mark Coles has been on holiday so The Ticket and The Beat were not their usual selves, although still entertaining.

Bruce Springsteen and Yes are both getting heavy rotation on my iPod as part of a project to find the perfect music for long road trips in Africa. Neither is really my cup of tea, but Bruce is in with a shout of making it on to my Safari Soundtrack. Yes less so.

What I’ve surfed

Most of the British newspaper websites. As well as an assortment of NGOs – mostly through Reliefweb. And a few Kenyan and African blogs, listed in my blogroll. All mostly for work. Wikipedia is losing interest for me as my sister has beaten me to getting her own page (albeit a stub) but for light relief I always enjoy Richard Herring. David Aaronovitch and Nick Cohen keep me strong when everyone around me seems to think that all that’s Left is Liberal.

I tag: Reluctant Memsahib, Shashank Bengali, and Nick Wadhams.

One thought on “My Week in Media

  1. Hi – found your blog through Shashank.

    At least you haven’t got addicted to that odd Criminal Investigation channel that you can find on the Kenyan satellite. Lots of stories about strange American murders with dramatisation of the like last seen on Dynasty.

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