Clear as Crystal, Polished and Viewed Through X-Ray Specs

Adam WoodSo Adam Wood, British High Commissioner to Kenya, was called in by the country’s foreign minister, Amos Wetangula, for clarification on Britain’s attitude to President Mwai Kibaki today. Or at least that’s how British Foreign Office staff characterised the meeting.

I’m not quite sure there was any need for clarification. Here’s what Meg Munn, Foreign Office minister, said in the House of Commons last week when asked whether the Foreign Office formally recognised Kibaki as president of Kenya.

Our Government have not recognised the Government and are calling on both leaders to co-operate in a process of mediation.

And she was only echoing what David Miliband, foreign secretary had said a week or so earlier on BBC Radio 4’s PM programme when asked, who is president of Kenya?

Well at the moment there isn’t a recognised Government in Kenya. We’ve had an election and it’s disputed and the dispute centres on some very we, seemingly very well founded allegations of irregularities that have been exposed by the European Union amongst others and very few Governments around the world have recognised President Kibaki after the election.

That answer was hardly a slip of the tongue. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has posted the transcript of the interview on its website to make the matter crystal clear… as if there were any room for doubt.

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