8 thoughts on “Mud Spies

  1. Fab pic! Followed a link from Ory to your blog, and I just love this picture. Hope you don’t mind me posting about it on my blog? Will be visiting more often!

  2. The antics of young ones do make us smile 🙂 I’m filled with admiration for their ingenuity-especially the flip out 3 inch lcd!

  3. Grat picture… At least these Watoto didn’t make toy-pangas or toy- circumcision tools, the harrowing tales coming out of Kenya these days. Again, fantastic picture…

  4. Small citizens turn the tables on ever-present paparazzi!

    Oh how I need see how these budding “Photo Journalists” in the field would frame the shots of the world around them! Can you imagine the lessons we all could learn from the captions, reports, and stories in their own words!

    Strike while the iron is hot! You have walked into the gifted class – enthusiasm and creativity with positive action! Very clever children!

    A photography workshop for three “Mud Spies” is a good start – then they can turn around and teach the next workshop!

    Where do we send the point and shoot cameras so the founding members of the “Mud Spies” can get to work and let us have the gift of the rest of their important story?

  5. Beautiful people and children of Kenya! We must reach out and extend our patriotism to preserve their innocence rather than breed the seeds of ethnic hatred in them.


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