A Sigh of Relief

So things sort of petered out a bit today. The rain didn’t help, and there was still stone-throwing and teargas in Kibera. At least one person was shot (minor, in the leg, I understand) and someone died at the coast. Not good but at least we are over the worst of things. (QUICK EDIT – since I left Kibera it looks like police opened fire on the stonethrowers – possibly killing 7)

There will be plenty of people breathing a sigh of relief – and not just in the slums that saw the worst of the violence. The good people of Karen have been struggling with a nanny (ayah, if you must) shortage as many employees are still reluctant to return to Nairobi from the safety of their village homes. And in Muthaiga, more than one ambassador is having to hand round his own Ferrero Rocher with only a skeleton staff available.

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