The Camera Sometimes Lies

Much of today’s events are simply too depressing to recount in much detail. Mary Atieno summed it up best in an interview with an AP correspondent: “We are fighting and dying for Raila and Kibaki and they don’t even care for us. Only the ordinary man is suffering.”

Today’s events are all over the news. Nothing happened, nothing changed, nothing moved forward. But the TV crews got nice pictures of police charging at protesters in Kibera. None of them stayed to watch the bodies being carried out, or the three men in the back of a pick-up on their way to hospital or the woman who had been shot in the back.

Thankfully, tomorrow it ends. The three days of protests are over and the ODM is switching to an economic blockade of companies linked to Kibaki’s pals. Things were fizzling out today anyway, but you wouldn’t know it, judging by the pictures. Sometimes I hate TV news.

2 thoughts on “The Camera Sometimes Lies

  1. There must be something wrong with YOU when you blame the camera for capturing police [and whover ordered them] commit the most heinous crimes. Is it a case of if we don’t see it then it didn’t happen?

    Nothing happened, nothing changed, nothing moved forward?

    Even the good people of Eldoret never imagined that the tear gas moi was using in nairobi would one end up in one their hospitals

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