Nottingham Forest in Kenya 1

DanSo there you are, up to your ankles in mud, tear gas fumes down the back of your throat and a vision in Garabaldi Red hoves into view. For a moment I ignored the violent demonstrations around me in Kibera and tried to figure out which version of the Nottingham Forest shirt this chap was wearing. It looks late 80s/early 90s to me, but the absence of a shirt sponsor has left me floundering. The strange stitching at the end of the sleeve suggests it could be a knock-off… back in the days when people thought it was worth producing counterfeit Forest shirts.

Anyway, this isn’t the first time I’ve spotted someone wearing such a shirt in Kenya. There must be plenty floating around having arrived here in mitumba bales. These are secondhand clothes, donated to charities, and then flogged off in the developing world. So this is my new blog project. As well as trying to comment on news and current affairs in this part of the world, and developing the perfect safari soundtrack, I shall be posting pictures of people wearing the Garibaldi Red, with a few paragraphs about the people I meet.

Didn’t have much time to ask this chap, Dan, too many questions. The demo had begun rolling a huge, cylindrical petrol tank towards my car and I had to dash. But I did manage to gather that Dan had never heard of Nottingham Forest.

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