Election Fair, According to Banker

Nice story in the FT this morning. A leaked memo from the World Bank head here rejects the conclusions of the international observers and says Kibaki won fair and square (apparently on the basis on UN briefings he has received). Never mind the fact that World Bank country directors rent their home from the Kibakis, this couldn’t be an attempt to seek stability and protect economic interests could it? Here is a chunk:

Presidential Result. The considered view of the UN is that the ECK announcement of a Kibaki win is correct. Upon receiving the complaints from the opposition about irregularities last Saturday, the ECK spent 24 hours, in the presence of observers, reviewing each concern. On balance, they determined that there were more irregularities of consequence on the Odinga side than on the Kibaki side. For example, ECK considered reported turnout above 90 percent to be a red-flag for irregularities. Data available so far indicates that the highest reported turnout in a Kibaki stronghold was 90 percent; in the Odinga strongholds, there were 6 heavily populated areas with reported turnout of between 102 to 116 percent. Also, a draft EU report released today cites two constituencies (Kieni and Molo) in which Kibaki’s margin was inflated but does not say whether that invalidates the overall results. The reader is left to determine that the inflation could not have been higher than 48,000 votes against the ECK-declared margin of victory of 230,000. (Reports from the Commonwealth and domestic observers are expected by next week).

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