On the Road Again

A convoy forms in Nakuru on its way to the western Rift ValleyAid is starting to move and the roads into the Rift Valley are free now. But the scars of last week’s violence are everywhere on the road to Kericho. Each small town or trading post was missing a couple of stalls or a shop. A pile of ashes would be all that was left. This part of the Rift Valley is largely Kalenjin territory – supporters of William Ruto, a key figure in the ODM – and it seems they have been singling out Kikuyu businesses to get at supporters of Mwai Kibaki.

Branches and tree trunks lay alongside the road, where they had been left by police clearing the roadblocks that prevented aid reaching this part of the world earlier.

More demos are planned in Nairobi for Tuesday, but I get the sense that we have seen the worst of it (a pal who bumped into Raila tells me he sort of ummed and aahed about more demos) and fully expect opposition figures to start thinking that a place in President Kibaki’s cabinet might not be such a bad idea.

3 thoughts on “On the Road Again

  1. Been trying to steer clear of politics but i guess this is not really political per se. Just a bunch of ego maniacs who cant see the woods for the trees.

    How will inciting mwanachi into rioting solve anything, refusing to sit down to a mature discussion with my opponent will not prove anything other than i need to grow a braincell or two.

    Yes people are dissatisfied by the elections but how will burning down my long time neighbours shop/home, killing women and children, forced circumcision, etc solve the problem other than prove you you’ve been habouring hatred for a long time and the chance to avenge some seemed wrong from previous generations has been handed to you on a platter.

    I did not vote and have never voted – foolish; maybe. But thats neither here nor there.

    All i asked of God was that we got a leader who did what he was being paid to do and not expect a pat on the back for some perceived miracle he thought he had achieved just by doing his job.

    Now i know why i can be asked to get all excited about politics – They are all (politicians) a bunch of self obssessed, neurotic, egomaniacs with a self
    inflated sense of self

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