Ouzo and Christmas Cake

The shops opened again today as Nairobi gradually returned to normal (or what passes for normal). A second day of demonstrations failed to materialise and it looks increasingly as if the Kenyan opposition politcians have played their hand poorly.

It was another day racing around Kibera and other flashpoints trying to gauge the general mood (broadly, a bit tired of all the trouble). And I missed the shops. At the moment my entire larder contains:

  • Pint of milk x 2, which I had the foresight to buy yesterday from a garage
  • Marks & Spencer Christmas cake, slightly battered from its journey from Kent, via Greece, to Nairobi
  • One bottle of ouzo

This, I think, could be a very good night.

2 thoughts on “Ouzo and Christmas Cake

  1. I don’t think so. It’s got a strong aniseedy flavour, a bit like pastis. I like it best with a couple of ice cubes so the colourless liquid starts to turn opaque and white. It’s generally regarded as less good with Christmas cake

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