Christmas Lists II

I’m still in list mode. So here is a list of: Diseases I have had in Africa 

  • Tick Bite Fever A severe pounding headache, aching all over and general exhaustion. So how disappointing on my return from Addis Ababa to be told I had tick bite fever. I assumed this was the diagnosis used by doctors in Nairobi who needed to get rid of troublesome patients, who were simply a bit under the weather. But no, it does really exist.
  • Giardia – Sudan’s porous, clay pots are ingenious. Water seeps through the tiny pores and then evapourates on the outside, keeping the inside cool, refreshing and delicious. Just the thing you need after sitting on a donkey for four hours in Darfur. Utterly hopeless at keeping this pesky parasite out
  • Blastocystis hominis – I’m a subscriber to the Leave It Alone and It Will Probably Sort Itself Out school of medicine. Which is no good when it comes to this bugger. After a week of an aching stomach and the rest, which I won’t describe, it appears to clear up. Only to return a fortnight later. Steer clear of fatty foods.

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