The Verdict Is In

In my last post (Perfect Storm) I perhaps naively hoped that my readers back home would recognise that the story of Gillian Gibbons and the teddy bear was an interesting way of discussing how to handle Sudan’s government, and best coax it into sorting Darfur, for example. Or could it be that people would simply conclude that the only moral was that all Muslims were bigots?

Here is a selection of illuminating emails apparently received by The Sudan Tribune

“ruth clayton to contact
What a sad sorry nation you are.
You have no human rights, no humanitarianism. You riot on the streets calling for the death penalty for a British teacher who did nothing other than atempt to support her class. It was the children in her class who named the teddy after a well liked boy – who just happened to have the same name as your prophet.
Tell me, are you calling for the death penalty for the parents who named their child after the prophet?
No, I didn’t think so.
Are you aware – people of Sudan – that the UK provide you with £326 MILLION pounds of hard earned tax payers money. We here in the UK are heartily sickened by your lack of humanity – the ongoing genocide, demeaning of women – and yet we continue to provide you with money!
The attitude of the people here in the UK is changing – we cannot tolerate the lack of understanding you have towards our assistance.
Therefore – simply ask your government to return the cash, send ALL UK citizens home and don;t bother to show up in ours or ask the citizens of the UK for any more handouts – you inhumane species!”

mukuta to contact
I have a dog named mohammed
i also use toiletpaper called mohammed
it absorbs shit very well
just like the real one
is that ok or do you want to kill me now ?
stuart rhodes to contact
Once again the British people are appalled by the behaviour and attitudes of the Muslim peoples. The cries from the Sudanese peoples for the death of Mrs Gibbons is outrageous and far in excess of her innocent mistake. We are reading here about the demand for her execution and zero tolerance towards infidels. Well if that is what the Sudanese and indeed Muslims feel then we should remove all financial support and the UN from all Muslim nations and cease the high levels of tolerance we have shown to Muslims here in the UK.   
The Muslim faith appears to us as one of intolerance, violence and hatred towards all other faiths and that you intend murder your way around the world until all non believers are either converted or preferably dead.
Shame on the people of Sudan and shame on the Muslim faith, how anyone can murder and maim in the name of a religion is beyond any rationale persons comprehension
Dvldoc13 to contact
show details Nov 30 (1 day ago) Reply
If I were an alien from another planet, I would have a very poor view of Islam judging only from the recent issue with the British teacher.  I would learn that muslims are intolerant, bigoted, hateful, liars, ignorant, savage… need I say more?  It sure is a good thing I live on Earth and know that Islam is really the religion of peace and love.  That last sentance was sarcasm by the way, I wouldn’t bother to explain it but it’s probably beyond the grasp of a primitive, ignorant muslim mind.  You people and your religion disgusts me.  I used to respect Mohammad and all the children of Abraham.  Now I know that Mohammad is a vile pedophile who is roasting in hell and having sex with pigs.  Good day.
Joe Fagundes to contact
show details Nov 30 (1 day ago) Reply
Death to Sudan!  Death to Islam!  Death to Muhammed! Death to Allah!!  Islam is no religion of peace!! Terrorism and violence is the face of Islam and Sudan! Bomb Sudan!! Destroy Sudan!! to contact
show details Nov 30 (1 day ago) Reply
Your govt is amazing. With what is happening in Darfur your people are protesting an innocent school teacher for naming a teddy bear after a wonderful boy in her class? This is why Ameican thinks there are savages in your country. Are you on the steets every day protesting the deaths of children in Darfur? Starving children with parents that have been killed. Please use your brains and protest the murder going on . Let this poor woman out of jail and advise her to go back to her country who appreciates a good teacher. And you savages can teach your selves. I will encourage anyone who will listen to not help you educate your children or trade with you in any way. No wonder you cant solve the savage slaying of people in Darfur if you are busy running in the streets to protest a name and a stuffed animal. I am so appaled by this and angered. Fix whats really wrong and I hope no teacher on this earth ever sets foot in your country to help you teach your children. Teach them hate yourselves. idiots. Joan
John Fullerton to contact
show details Nov 30 (2 days ago) Reply
Is in it funny cause we here in Budapest have named all our cockroaches & pigs Mohammed

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