Sadly Inevitable

It has been a struggle not writing about the feeble peace talks in Sirte, Libya. The truth is I couldn’t think of much to say beyond, “I told you so”. Best to keep quiet. But then the editorials started appearing, such as Eric Reeves’ effort posted on The Economist website, bemoaning the fact that only President Bashir has come out of the talks looking good and that the rebels appear obstructive. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Much of the problem lies with these same editorial writers who have banged on about an intervention force – even though anyone you speak to on the ground knows it will have a very limited effect – while neglecting the crucial issue of peace talks until now. At the same time they have built up the rebels as folk heroes and freedom fighters, while most of the commanders are more interested in putting one over their rivals for leadership than actually helping their people. The result was sadly inevitable.

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