Genocide is not the Only Crime

NAIROBI: There is one surefire way to rile the activists at the Save Darfur Campaign: Suggest that the bloodshed in Sudan’s troubles western region is not genocide. So hats off to Jimmy Carter for doing exactly that during his recent visit to Darfur.

Carter said Washington’s use of the term genocide to describe the situation in Darfur, where international estimates say 200,000 people have died and 2.5 million driven from their homes, was unhelpful.“There is a legal definition of genocide and Darfur does not meet that legal standard. The atrocities were horrible but I don’t think it qualifies to be called genocide,” he said. 

So far the US is pretty much the only government to have gone with the definition genocide. A UN investigation concluded genocide had not taken place, European statesmen have not adopted the term and even human rights organisations have decided not to use it for fear of weakening its power. Yet to read some of the reaction to Carter’s statement (Good Ol’ Jimmy, America’s Disgrace: Jimmy Carter) you’d think he had just said Khartoum was entitled to treat its own citizens however it saw fit.

Genocide isn’t happening in Darfur. And at least Carter has gone to the trouble of visiting the place, unlike the US-based genocide campaigners intent on finding genocide wherever they look.

3 thoughts on “Genocide is not the Only Crime

  1. Dear Rob Crilly, given your previous comment about my “breathtaking disregard for the facts”, I am somewhat surprised that as far I can tell we share almost the same views on almost everything regarding Darfur, from “genocide”, Save Darfur, “arab” versus “black” (or as someone once termed it, Omar Sharif chasing Kunte Kinte) all the way through to surprise at the availability of olive oil (and everything else) in al-Fashir’s corner shops. It tends to be my interest in the facts which lead me to my positions (as outlined above). Could you point to some of my more glaring factual disconnects? Keep up the good work, David

  2. I wish your blog received as much press as savedarfur. Go Rob Crilly! I feel as though Darfur has become some bizarre pop culture thing in the US…lots of folks here obsessed with news tickers and buzzwords, not willing to donate enough time to research further….it seems to me many folks just want to know “enough” to be “acquainted” with the conflict, so that if it happens to come up in social conversation, they can say “oh, yeah”. But, some of us really want to do something…I’m more interested in motivating folks to help on the ground. But, how?

  3. Who is financing and arming the various factions presently fighting (a) the Government of Sudan and (b) also between themselves?
    Why are they being financed and armed?
    These factions aim is to break up Sudan into various separate small Nations. why?
    And why is the West is so upset about Darfur,
    Why is America and the old Colonial masters not upset about the Congo , and the various other dictatorial governments of which they control , WHOSE LEADERS HAPPENS TO TREATING THEIR POPULATION IN A BRUTAL AND APPAULING MANNER, WHILE SOCKING AWAY BILLIONS IN WESTERN BANKS?

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